EPOS Caffe

After thirty years’ experience of his family in the business of commercial furniture supplies, Davide Zaccà has decided in 2012 to fulfill his dream and passion to coffee roasting and established new company EPOS CAFFÈ. The main aim was to provide the highest quality coffee and to let the coffee lovers to rediscover forgotten flavours and traditions of true Italian espresso.

EPOS CAFFÈ blends are roasted and mixed in Sicily and this is synonymous to excellence, respect for culture and tradition. It is still a family-owned business, established in Belpasso, a town of 20.000 inhabitants located near Etna in the province of Catania.

The inspiration for the brand name has given the history and culture of beloved Sicily and and also Greek traditions. The trade mark “EPOS” means epic and all first coffee blends were named and dedicated to the Greek Gods.

Nowadays EPOS CAFFÈ team carefully selects green coffee from many regions worldwide and analyses them, choosing the best degree for roasting according to the origin of raw beans. All blends are the results of multiple studies and tests and are produced from washed and certified coffees.

Roasting of small lots of coffee and from each origin separately allows to produce a product with unique taste and stunning aroma.

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