Caffe Paradiso

Torrefazione PARADISO was founded in 1964 as a small roasting company. After 20 years the laboratory has expanded and nowadays it is a competitive company on the international market that produce high-end product for coffee-lovers.

CAFFÉ PARADISO team buys only raw coffee from the most prestigious plantations from three continents, ensuring a high level of quality. CAFFÉ PARADISO uses traditional coffee roasting methods that require much more time than industrial roasting. Each of PARADISO coffee blend is roasted individually to meet the ideal roasting profiles.

The coffee is roasted with a drum machine Petroncini rotating with a discontinuous cycle, adopting a slow roasting system with variable cycles between 16 and 25 minutes to further enhance the aromatic notes of Arabica beans and to get the best of Robusta coffee. The master roasting expert probing a coffee sample, examines the color and appearance of the beans and decides whether to stop or continue cooking.

The coffee are cooled in air flow without resorting to quenching and water cooling. CAFFE PARADISO team makes it go from 210°C to 35°C in 4 minutes to avoid over roasting and preserve the organoleptic properties of the product to the desired level. At this point it is mixed and brought in the silos where it will remain for about ten days for maturation. Only after this long process the coffee is ready for packaging and to delight every taste enthusiasts.

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