Caffe Mokasol

Torrefazione MOKASOL was established in 1950 when the process of coffee roasting required experience and intuition, and it was a totally manual job. Since that period, 3 generations of roasters have turned a craft business into a well established roasting company with exports all over the world. What has not changed is the artisan spirit on which CAFFÈ MOKASOL history is based: every bag of coffee is carefully selected, every roasting batch is controlled throughout the entire process. The company roasts top quality green coffees from all over the world with the attention and care of a skilled craftman, combining the art of roasting with technological processes that allow them to guarantee high quality that is constant over time.

CAFFÈ MOKASOL team pay special attention at quality of coffee blends. The desire to make accessible premium coffees to anyone who is curious and passionate, encourages CAFFÈ MOKASOL to design blends that stand out for their quality, freshness and uniqueness.

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