Caffe Donatello – espresso toscano is a famous Italian company which combines both tradition and knowledge of modern coffee production. The company still uses the so called “human eye principle” when the roaster can recognise the perfect roasting from the “singing” beans and the taste of blend during evaluating green coffee lots.

The lots of green coffee arrive in Tuscany (Italy), at the Caffe Donatello roasting plant, from different parts of the world: Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Cameroon. There are direct business relations with producers to secure the best lots and the most consistent quality. The company buys only washed coffee to have a higher quality standard. Green coffees are hand harvested and include the most mature beans.

The roasting process is slow and its duration may vary according to such factors as climate and humidity. Green coffee is roasted in a roating drum containing 60 kg for achieving the most smoth result. Roasting and air chilling help to achieve the very special fragrance of produces coffee blends.

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