The tradition of Caffè Cagliari started in 1895 when the founder Ambrogio Cagliari, in his early twenties, had the courage to emigrate to Brazil to follow his dream of a better future. When he started working in the coffee plantations, he felt in love with the world of coffee and in a short time, from being a simple labourer, he became a great expert in the selection and roasting of coffee beans.

Ambrogio returned to Italy in 1909 and opened the first shop for coffee roasting and tasting in the city of Modena. His experience in the processing and international trading of coffee brought instant success. In 1911 the company won the gold medal at the International Fair in Genoa. In 1963 he opened the new roasting plant on the Via Emilia with a modern production department, offices and representative spaces.

Nowadays Caffè Cagliari offers to worldwide clients the taste and experience of an authentic high quality Italian espresso. For over 100 years and through four generations, the company cherishes and passes on its experience and passion for coffee, creating the same age-old recipes still today.

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