Beira Douro Cafés

The history of Beira Douro Cafés begins in 1960 when Manuel Lapa, an accomplished expert in the art and science of making good coffee, decides to materialize his passion founding the company Torrefação de Manuel Lapa, Lda. Born in Vila Nova de Gaia, along the banks of the Douro River, Manuel Lapa finds in the emotional connection with his origins, the inspiration for what would become the name of his brand: Beira Douro Cafés.

From the very first moment, a single goal was set: to develop a product at the level of the best coffees in the world. So, it was born a company with a strong and very personal personality, focused on the excellence of the product and seeking to do more and better every time.

Beira Douro team selects carefully the best raw material, the green beans, all over the world which are roasted very delicate and sensitive process. This process requires a deep knowledge and strict control in order to ensure that all the quality that the producer endeavoured to achieve at the source, reaches the final consumer in each cup of coffee.

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