Founded in 1974, BICAFÉ® is a Portuguese multinational company specialized in production of the typical Portuguese espresso coffee. Since the import of green coffee, through roasting and packaging to distribution, BICAFÉ® involves its know-how to produce a top quality products. Currently, BICAFÉ® is one of the most important players in Portugal in manufacturing of coffee capsules compatible with the main coffee systems.

The company produces various classical premium compatible capsules for Nespresso®* as well as blends of organic coffees from single origin. Organic coffee is obtained through agriculture that does not use agrochemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, etc.), avoiding environmental degradation and respecting the balance of nature by supporting ecosystems of animals, insects and plants. Selective harvesting is a manual process when workers  go from plant to plant and harvest only red (mature) cherries.

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