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Julia Child

The idea, online coffee shop of Nespresso® compatible pods to open, has started up 2020, when Alex and Lucy cannot find delicious coffee pods for their Nespresso® machine in Germany. Most of coffee capsules in the market are from multinational companies with very average quality.

Alex & Lucy as passionate espresso lovers and hobby travelers have discovered first for themselves delicious coffee blends during their multiple trips in Europe. They always bought the best examples for little stock at home. Lots of friends and colleagues have also tasted those espresso blends and asked them where they can buy them. Unfortunately most of them are available only in Italy or Portugal.

As CORONA came, it became difficult to get favorite coffee blends from small Italian and Portuguese producers in Germany. That unique situation pushed Alex and Lucy to start with own small e-shop for Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules from authentic European producers. As a small start-up, they have started with some of the best coffee blend and plan to widen the stock in the future. We do taste and drink everything what we sell and we do think that you can get a perfect espresso shot with Nespresso®* machine. And don’t forget, EspressoCoffeeCapsule.com offers international delivery so that coffee lovers can enjoy amazing bar quality coffee in different countries worldwide.

The story of espresso

The story of espresso began 1884 when coffee brewing device was developed by Angelo Moriondo. 1975 Eric Favre has made a prototype of modern Nespresso®* pod which was patented by Nestlé one year later. At 2012 Nespresso®’s* patents expired and all coffee producers has received the opportunity to produce Nespresso®* compatible capsules worldwide.

Each of coffee roasting companies imbed their experience, know-how and of course their own taste vision of ideal espresso which can be brewed in widely spread Nespresso®* system. They experimented a lot with capsule construction (all of existing coffee pods are compatible, but still are technically different), coffee blends, grinding with the purpose to achieve best taste of traditional espresso.

But most of coffee capsules producers are well known only in their local markets, despite that their blends have outstanding quality and fantastic flavor. As a rule coffeelovers receive a chance to buy Nespresso®* capsules only occasionally during short trips throughout Europe.

EspressoCoffeeCapsule.com gives their customers worldwide exclusive access to wide variety of Nespresso®* compatible capsules produced by well known roasting companies from Italy and Portugal. Original espresso bar quality, unique premium blends of traditional and modern coffee companies for very reasonable prices – that what you can expect by our online shop!

Why we offer only Nespresso®* compatible capsules? Firstly, it is very easy to receive a very good shot of espresso just in one minute, you do not need any additional professional knowledge. Secondly, Nespresso®* machine is one of the most popular coffee system worldwide and you can get it for really moderate price ca.100 EUR or even cheaper. Thirdly, Nespresso®* machine suits perfectly for office, you can drink delicious espresso even during working day. Fourthly, there are soooo many really good blends for Nespresso®* system that you need to try 😉